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Still Cheating by Bad Beat Revue

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Reviewed on 1st October 2003.


Still Cheating

By Bad Beat Revue

How amazing the Internet is! Stick this CD in your PC and Windows Media Player goes off to check its database only to recognise it as Jose Manuel Ramos with his well known song (???) "Cabeza loca". This has no relevance to the review but was intriguing all the same.

The not Spanish at all Bad Beat Revue have only been on the scene for a year or so and yet provide an excellently played, written and performed post Brit-pop rock/pop sound. Big guitars, crashy cymbals, hooky shouts of "hey", a "du da doo" melody that won't leave your head and stomp along beat. Only a one-song sampler on offer for now but it certainly wets the appetite for more. As catchy as a cold this time of year - right buttons are pushed all over the place.

"We just want to play loads of good gigs, and record our songs, with or without the help of record companies or managers," says the biog. How noble, but let us hope that someone does take some interest to at least ensure this reaches a wider audience.



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On 30th October 2003 at 23:08 Anonymous 291 wrote...

Fuckin great live band too. Go see them.



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