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Surface by Novello

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Reviewed on 5th March 2005.



By Novello

They're from Wales. And damn proud of it, it would seem. Novello come from the label 'Dragonffli' ("spelt the Welsh way") and are purveyors of catchy, sometimes dark, atmospheric rock music, but without the cheese of similar rock bands, or the pointless whinging of most emo bands, which they maybe sound quite similar too.

'Surface' is basically a very pretty, melancholic guitar riff, dressed up with some soaring vocals, some dark (ish) synthy bits and a loud chorus. It's good, but I can't think why. Maybe it's the fact that whilst they obviously owe a lot to American rock/ emo bands, they try and stay away from imitation for as long as possible.

'The Lawman' is more loud, punchy rock. Steady rhythms, wailing guitars and some really rather odd organ part thrown in for good measure, it's a catchy, cool piece of melodic rock. Rather than sticking to the emo template, this track owes more to pumped up, cranked rock 'n roll. It's loud, brash and seems very capable at what it is.

'Face In A Photo' is, again, more of the same downbeat rock, featuring an echo plexed vocal, another pretty guitar riff and another loud chorus. If this is your bag, then I'm sure this will go down a treat, as it's all done with irritatingly slick production, confident playing, yet not really as good as the other two.

Maybe a bit more diversity would've really kicked this CD into a higher gear, but as it stands, this ain't that bad a start. Maybe this is not to my tastes a hundred percent, but for a reviewer struggling to find more words, I thought it was pretty good.



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