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Where's The Captain? by Stuffy and The Fuses

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Reviewed on 10th March 2005.


Where's The Captain?

By Stuffy and The Fuses

I was disappointed by this to be honest. I've seen Stuffy and The Fuses live a few times around Leeds in the last year or so and their enthusiasm and attitude has always come across as a definite plus point to me especially in the current "taking itself a bit too seriously" indie climate. Unfortunately, something's amiss with this single. Maybe it's just a case of not capturing the live sound as well as it should but somehow on "Where's The Captain?", the group have plunged headlong into the abyss marked "stereotypical indie band" with the slightly Terry Hall indebted high-pitched vocals in particular coming across as a bit hard on the ears during the chorus.

Hopefully it's just a blip and Stuffy and co's next release will be a more accurate reflection of what they're truly capable of.



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On 11th March 2005 at 13:19 Anonymous 2538 wrote...

Am I the only person who loves this record? I don't understand people who don't like S/TF! This is a perfect little single IMHO, but I know a lot of people who don't like it. Stereotypical indie is surely sludge like Snow Patrol and Athlete, this is exciting, dynamic and great fun. Hey ho, if we all agreed etc etc....


On 11th March 2005 at 16:54 Anonymous 13 wrote...

I love it a lot too

It has heart


On 14th March 2005 at 20:48 Anonymous 3946 wrote...

Fair points both. Just for the record, I do actually like S/TF (I gave them a good live review on here a couple of months back), I just think that having heard their album, they can do better than this.



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