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Waking Up the Neighbourhood by Planet Of Women

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Reviewed on 10th March 2005.


Waking Up the Neighbourhood

By Planet Of Women

"November spawned a monster" sang Morrissey back in 1991. Fourteen years on and this turn of phrase could be applied to some of the current wave of artists riding on the coat-tails of the glam rock/ cock-rock resurgence instigated by The Darkness.

Now, I'm not claiming that this form of music is in anyway inferior to other, rather more "credible" genres of music around at the moment- when it is "done" well (i.e. Van Halen, Bon Jovi, AC/DC) it is undoubtedly catchy and an entertaining listen. However, on the basis of their current single "Waking up the Neighbourhood" Planet Of Women seem to have forsaken any memorable hooks, melody or structure in favour of a rather lumpen AC/DC-style guitar riff and forgettable chorus. There's no doubt that the lead singer Jade has a very strong voice, but this doesn't prevent the end product sounding like some sort of Tina Turner/Whitesnake B-side hybrid.

Planet Of Women do seem to have the look, style, record-label backing and marketing know-how to at least make some of an impression upon the music industry. However, like the flight of Icarus from an ancient Greek hill-top there's only so far a bands initial momentum can carry them before more important factors (i.e. songs) come into the equation. I'm sure "Waking up the Neighbourhood" will appeal to a certain proportion of fans of this genre- yet as a debut single it isn't strong enough to justify the notion that Planet Of Women have the "skills to pay the bills" to ensure that they will be here for the long-run.



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