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My Awesome Compilation / Fall Out Boy - Spilt Single by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 13th March 2005.


My Awesome Compilation / Fall Out Boy - Spilt Single

By Various Artists

On top of a tidy few dates in the UK then, not satisfied with just playing together these two transatlantic softcore bands unite to put out this split single via Sorepoint. Arguably two of the strongest tracks from the bands' respective releases last year actually have a large amount of lifespan behind them so fans this is not for. Probably more to do with promoting the previous February tour and getting some airplay on Kerrang! Nevertheless this is textbook stuff. Both in the positive sense (smoothly produced, soaring choruses and vocal warbling) and the negative (absolutely nothing new to get excited about whatsoever).

"As Always" by My Awesome Compilation amusingly starts off with the lyrics "This is the last time you'll say anything that different", ironic or not the song taken as a whole is a good one. The UK's Matchbook Romance if you will, My Awesome Compilation can pull all the right strings if they want to but as every emo band needs these days, need a big push or to add an extra ingredient (incorporating more of the keyboard perhaps?) to get anywhere near success.

Fall Out Boy are on second, who have reached decent credibility in the U.S (headlining the Warped Tour, first band to reach 1 million plays on ace website purevolume.com) but it's fair to say are yet to receive widespread acclaim here. "Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy" has all the makings of a great pop-punk song apart from the terrible lyrics in the chorus! I don't know about you but "Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentlemen" just doesn't inspire me and nor do I want to sing along. Other than that it's a highly enjoyable dumb song about girls.

Totally un-original but totally listenable. Just don't expect these two to survive the emo cull in a year or twos time.



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