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Jalopy Pop by Sparkwood

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Reviewed on 13th March 2005.


Jalopy Pop

By Sparkwood

Jalopy Pop is a sugar filled, super happy, smiley faced ride from start to finish. Song after song of catchy, infectious American pop that is so chirpy that it could brighten up the day of the most miserable, down in the dumps bastard.

Each track is a potential hit with the capacity to reel in any Beatles, Weezer, Silver Sun or even Kaiser Chiefs fan. Captivating, melodic and ever so sweet with not a single bitter moment throughout the album that could potentially leave a bad taste in your mouth.

"Miles Away" has those Beach Boy's harmonies that create an ever so sunny vibe as lead singer Bart Padar's near perfect pop vocal tones shine bright. While "Cruel World" hints at moments of sublime do-wop mixed with a quirkiness that makes it stand out on its own.

There are also elements of classic rock & roll with "Where She Ought To Be" which is a dance floor filler no matter what decade we are living. Each song different to the last, the sign of a band demonstrating their ability to switch between styles and still be able to make the songs leap out from the speakers and fight for your attention.

"Nichole's Overture" is the slow ballad on the album, the sort of song the would have been played at high-school proms all over America during the 50s and 60s. The only thing that is missing is for the Fonz to pop in somewhere on the track and say "ayyyh".

"Emergency" is powered on a battery of pop-punk with a contagious hook that makes it the top song from this collection of classics. A clear demonstration of how to write and produce a great tune.

So in the end Texan based Sparkwood have managed to bring together an indulgent collection of tunes that are bursting with energy, excitement and most importantly fun. Those who need cheering up should check it out. Turn that frown upside down sad sack.



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