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Untitled by The March Hares

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Reviewed on 13th March 2005.



By The March Hares

This isn't a bad little EP from this newly formed London ensemble; actually it's quite good although after reading their extremely long-winded blurb I got the impression they may be trying to be too alternative for their own good. It really cuts me deep when people start ripping Bloc Party a new asshole; anyway it's the music that counts and The March Hares show a great potential. They've got the jingly jangly sounds of The Jam, The Kinks with a topping of Supergrass but with a more melodic overtone, a more subtle Libertines if you must, with tracks such as The Mainline and Father reminding you of those long summer afternoons sitting in the sun smoking a, err, cigarette (which will probably never occur again as I haven't actually seen the sun for the past millennia). And with songs such as Limited Advice that is a time warp to the late 60's with a walking guitar riff that oils those rusty joints and gets those legs moving.

The March Hares have produced a short sweet EP that displays their ability to create easy to listen 60's pop rock; but with so many bands in wake of The Libertines they may find it hard to get an audience willing to listen.



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