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Living the Dream by Million Dead

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Reviewed on 15th March 2005.


Living the Dream

By Million Dead

The band with the most un-P.C. moniker of recent years return with an endearing slice of raucous alt-rock riffmanship in promotion of their forthcoming album "Harmony No Harmony". Last year saw the London-based quartet earn a (well-deserved) reputation for putting on a captivating, high-octane live performance, not least due to their rather stonking take on the Smiths "Girlfriend in a Coma" but also because of their obvious talent for crafting menacingly melodic post-punk songs that bristle with the seething discontent of four young things that aren't too happy with the general state of the world today. Yup, one of those bands.

Adhering to the quiet verse / mental chorus song writing approach "Living the Dream" starts with some charming elegiac arpeggios and a somewhat crestfallen vocal before a furious drum-pattern brings us into the heavily distorted up-tempo chorus and remainder of the song. Imagine At the Drive In having a head-to-head with Fugazi and your nearly there. Lyrically I can't seem to place what the song is about, and there doesn't seem to be any lines that rival the marvellous 'Willy Wonka is a capitalist confidence trickster, a poster boy for neo-liberalism' from "Charlie and the Propaganda Myth Machine" (a song from 2003's debut album) but I'm sure the new album will do them justice in this respect.

Showing a band that has grown in confidence and ability as well as broadening their influences, anybody with a penchant for innovative guitar music in the vein of Sonic Youth or Pavement should give this a listen. Million Dead to make one of the albums of 2005? On the basis of this, don't bet against it.



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