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Whats Hideous by Do Me Bad Things

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Reviewed on 25th March 2005.


Whats Hideous

By Do Me Bad Things

I wasn't sure what to expect from a band with a listed six vocalists and a support slot with The Darkness under their belts. Barber Shop Cheesy Metal? Actually, remove the cheese and you're almost there "Whats Hideous" instantly reminds you of AC DC's back in black with an opening riff which is never a good sign, although as soon as the Joss Stone esque lead vocals come in the song moves away from that completely. As soon as the chorus kicks in, more vocals come in and the song gets into much better shape after the guitar swings out of the verse and into the chorus colliding with claps from the back up vocals.

However, the song would have probably benefited from being two minutes long the way it seems to drag on over such a short period but Do Me Bad Things seem to have the ability to sound completely different and yet so familiar at the same time.

Whether or not they'll be able to create something substantial on their own grounds, is still to be seen.



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On 26th March 2005 at 13:33 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

I think this is pretty crap. Not the review but the song.



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