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Would You Rather Be Followed By Forty Ducks for the Rest of Your Life by Detwiije

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Reviewed on 28th March 2005.


Would You Rather Be Followed By Forty Ducks for the Rest of Your Life

By Detwiije

God bless post rock bands and their inability to come up with short, precise titles. In the world of post rock, reviewers tend to miss the point, and label a band "the new" someone or other, or even worse than that, they simply grab a handful of random bands in the genre and apply their names to newer bands in order to give them a starting point as to what they're trying to do.

Enter Detwiije, a bizarre name, and a slightly bizarre band. Hailing from the UK, and not Holland as their name would suggest, they make epic, lush music, filled to the brim with ideas, and powerful, towering tracks that often break the 12 minute mark.

Perusing the press release, they say that this lot are better than Mogwai and Sigur Rós. Well, Mogwai I can kinda understand, but seeing as how Detwiije utilize a solo violin and have absolutely no vocals at all, they're well off with the Sigur Rós comparison.

In fact, they sound more like the Canadian troupes Godspeed You! Black Emporer, Set Fire To Flames, Fly Pan Am and A Silver Mt. Zion. Seeing as how all those bands are pretty much the same people, but under different names and with slightly altered line-ups, Detwiije have a sound that's all at once familiar, yet recognizable.

The title track is a soaring, experimental mini epic, clocking in at 6'31, featuring wailing violins, concise guitar work and huge, crashing drums. There's only 4 songs here, and you'd be forgiven for not paying that much attention to the track gaps, as it all seems to flow into one piece of work.

'Misspelt Dutch Architect' and 'POP' follow the same pattern; yet throw in enough new features and exciting sounds to keep you well and truly gripped. As with the best of the genre, they move effortlessly from ball busting intensity, through to beautifully serene soundscapes. Where Detwiije excel above and beyond the rest though, is that you never know when that intense guitar thrashing is going to come. With Mogwai's early work, which this is quite similar to, you always knew (with a few notable exceptions) when they were going to go all out loud, but here they restrain themselves just enough to throw you off. And to that, I tip my hat.

The best of the bunch though, they save for last. 'La Guerre Des Mondes' (translated means 'War of the worlds'- GCSE French pays off at last!) is a beautiful, if ferocious nearly 15 minutes of epic grandeur, with Godspeed- esque walls of screeching guitar, steady, pumping drumming, and some virtuoso violin work. It's the perfect way to sign off.

In an over-crowded market, post rock has been dealt another gem, something to find and call your own if you can only dig a little deeper than the usual suspects. Scratch the surface and discover them for yourselves



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