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On a Noose by Towers Of London

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Reviewed on 28th March 2005.


On a Noose

By Towers Of London

For once, believe the hype. This is the sound of the bile-spitting hellcat of hatred being thrown into the dope-addled cooing pigeon pen that is British indie at present. I dunno quite how they've done it but TOL have taken the potent fury of the Damned circa "Neat Neat Neat", added in the attitude of Iggy Pop and the riffage of prime time Wildhearts and created something downright amazing here. Watch out Kasabian, The Killers, Babyshambles and all other third division nowt-to-say no-hope whingers, your grave diggers have officially arrived.



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On 29th March 2005 at 01:01 Anonymous 4015 wrote...

What the hell? Why the comparisons to loads of random bands?


On 29th March 2005 at 07:14 Dave LMS wrote...

Because they are the bands curently making the front pages of the popular music press I guess...


On 29th March 2005 at 10:09 Anonymous 13 wrote...

Is it possible to like music made by bad people?


On 29th March 2005 at 11:33 Anonymous 4015 wrote...

Dave: but the suggestion that those bands should be, in effect, more like Towers of London is proposterous. There is no similarity.


On 29th March 2005 at 18:35 Dave LMS wrote...

I didn't interpreted his comment that way. It made sense to me.


On 31st March 2005 at 21:15 Anonymous 3946 wrote...

Lewis - what I'm saying really is that it's good to have a band with a bit of excitement back in the charts, something which in my view the three bands I've listed have precious little of for all their column inches. Guessing you're not in agreement but it's just an opinion mate.

Sam - fair enough, I can't say I'm particularly familiar with any rumours about the band, all I've really had to go on with Towers Of London so far is this here single. Which I happen to think is brilliant. And, well, this is a music 'zine and not a personality 'zine. So I'd have to say the answer to your question is a resounding yes.


On 2nd April 2005 at 14:33 Anonymous 3566 wrote...

They sound like twats to me, trying to get column inches to promote the music (which is a poor form of the crap that should have and did die long ago) Don't like.


On 2nd April 2005 at 18:42 Anonymous 4015 wrote...

Andy: my problem was more that you didn't state it as an opinion. *shrugs*


On 2nd April 2005 at 18:47 Anonymous 4015 wrote...

Also, I don't know how you can say that three successful, established acts have 'no hope'...


On 6th April 2005 at 19:00 Anonymous 3946 wrote...

Last words from me on this subject - surely it goes without saying that all music reviews are based on opinion rather than fact and should always be interpreted as such? Also, while said bands may be successful it still doesn't stop them being "no-hopers" in a musical sense imho. Guess we just ain't gonna agree on this 'un are we?



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