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My Patch by Jim Noir

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Reviewed on 31st March 2005.


My Patch

By Jim Noir

Jim Noir's first single was a quirky piece of pop if ever there was one. His second offering bangs a drum to pretty much the same beat. You're either going to love this, hate it or just find yourself floating in a world of indecisevness flitting between the two. It's poptastically brilliant, sounding at times like The Beach Boys, whilst also being damn irritating. Full of floaty vocals, flutes and other such silliness I find myself enjoying its delicate crafting but hating its simplistic childishness. One you really need to try for yourself, Jim Noir seems unbound by no rules and I am left frustrated more than anything as I am as unsure as to whether I like this record as I was before I had heard it.



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