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The Western Mechanism by Days Of Worth

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Reviewed on 3rd April 2005.


The Western Mechanism

By Days Of Worth

Somehow no matter how hard you try - and I mean really, really try - you just can't imagine Surrey as the backdrop against which tales of angst-ridden suburban alpha-male woe are set to wistfully melodic slabs of post-hardcore rock. However, like Hundred Reasons before them, Days of Worth come out with all guns blazing, ready to take on the mainstream with ennui-inspired anthems that come complete with neat guitar hooks and huge choruses.

Geographical quips aside, one of the most important things that you need to know about Days of Worth can be surmised with the words "same", "label" "as" and the name "Lost Prophets". Yup, that's right - we're in the field of commercially-orientated, America-baiting multi-layered RAWK. Like the aforementioned Welsh pop-metal titans, Days of Worth know in which direction they want to be heading, and it's the road that leads to massive arena tours and multi-platinum albums with a few appearances on CD:UK thrown in for good measure.

So, so far we've ascertained that this Surrey quintet "do" the whole big production, commercially-viable rock kind-of thing. But how well do they do it? Does their evident quest for mainstream recognition and acknowledgement mean that any songs to speak of are left behind in the practice room? Not in the slightest. "The Western Mechanism" contains some fantastically catchy well-structured rock songs- recent single "Ladies and Gentlemen" in particular is just the sort of energy-propelled sing-a-long you can imagine throwing yourself manically around to in a dark, sweaty nightclub, and opener "Standard Suburban Anthem" has a chorus so big I'm surprised the F.B.I. hasn't investigated it for being a potential weapon of mass-destruction. Elsewhere "Street Lights on Heavy Eyes" and "Take Me Through" do the Brit-rock genre proud with chugging guitars and soaring vocals.

Reference points? Well, the layered, pro-tooled approach to recording and the impassioned delivery of the vocals does call to mind Hell is for Heroes, as well as the previously name-checked Lost Prophets. There also seems to be elements of American rock bands such as Incubus and Hoobastank in there as well. You also get the sneaking suspicion that a couple of the members might have a penchant for 80's cock-rock stalwarts such as Bon Jovi and Skid Row.

Anyone for rock music that's contemporary, catchy and up-tempo? Days of Worth could be right up your street. Potentially massive, this outfit could well-lead the charge for the Brit Rock genre in the coming months.



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