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Sleepwalkers by Modey Lemon

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Reviewed on 3rd April 2005.



By Modey Lemon

As a recent convert to the Lemon, it's nice to see they've progressed past the three chord thrash-a-thons that dominated their earlier work. But let's not delude ourselves - this song is immense. From the get go, the whole thing is a wall of perfectly crafted guitar noise, thumping, pulverizing bass lines and the familiar synth plodding along with them.

What they have done since 'Thunder & Lightning' their debut album, is restrained themselves. On tracks like 'Predator' or 'Crows', they were just three minute thrash fests, all screaming and over-loud guitar noise.

Here, they manage to keep the Zep-alike riffing, and the monster drum sound, but put a lot more effort and thought in to it. Hell, here I can actually hear what lead singer Phil Boyd is actually saying, which is something.

It's everything they promised, but with more focus this time around, a helluva big slice of monster rock action. Even the b-sides show them at home with drum programming and creepy effects - the sleazy, maybe a little creepy 'Circe', and then the behemoth 'Rocket Stew', with its eeriness and quiet restraint.

"Let's talk about the future of you and me for a while" sings Boyd. Well Phil, it looks bright, if you can keep it up...



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