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Reviewed on 3rd April 2005.



By The Yards

Chris Helme came to most peoples attention as the singer in Jon Squire's post Roses flop The Seahorses. Flop!?! you cry - well yes, musically they were a band that had already had their day before they even started. Ancient indie blues rock straight from the same menu as so many mid 90's outfits. As it was always "Jon Squire's band" however, Helme not unsurprisingly escaped much of the disinterest aimed at his former venture and if anything this is a much more pleasing return than those since made by Squire himself.

There's nothing particularly inventive on offer, it's one step up the food chain from the Stereophonics. Text book indie songs like "Only Myself to Blame" will please fans of Oasis and (ironically) late Roses material. Opener "Forget your regrets" is slightly above the cut with its happy clappy "yeah, yeah, yeah" accompaniment and "The devil is alive and well and in DC" strides confidently along with a pocket full of riffs. But that's it, the rest blur into an inoffensive mix akin to The Bluetones and The Supernaturals in a blender. Not to say there isn't a market for it! Just ask Kelly Jones what he drives for your answer to that one?



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