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Run To Her by Five O'Clock Heroes

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Reviewed on 3rd April 2005.


Run To Her

By Five O'Clock Heroes

Oh Jesus, When is this endless tide of pretty boy piss poor pop going to end? "Run to her" skips merrily around on my CD player but I think I am going to take it out in a minute and use it as a coaster. A fiery concoction of New York sleaze rockers and ugly British power-popsters, Five O'Clock Heroes are most definitely a band I should like, I just can't though.

"Run to her" sounds like the way the Strokes would if they weren't so wonderfully Goddamn sloppy. An attempt at creating a sound which is chaotic but reliable. The Hives/Interpol/Yeah Yeahs Yeahs to name but a few all bleed tunes from this stable - you know what you're getting but it will still blow your mind and spasm your body. FOCH are musically tight yeah, but maybe a bit too much. The sound been far from anything I could be arsed dancing around too.

Five O'Clock Heroes have thundered out this EP to much acclaim and to the melody of young Londonites' heartbeats fluttering away at the prospect of the Libertines reforming. The NME's broken record journalism harping on and on about how I can't possibly live another second of life without them. If you haven't had your fill of substandard pretend punk yet then by all means have a listen, you will probably love it. As for me and my ears, no more.

File under "B" for bin.



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