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Superman 3 / Girl With A Curl by The Sweet Chap

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Reviewed on 6th April 2005.


Superman 3 / Girl With A Curl

By The Sweet Chap

From a label who will only release things as MP3 downloads, which in my opinion, is a brilliant idea, The Sweet chap swings and saunters over to my place, bottle of vino in hand, sleazy look on face.

'Superman 3' is a nice little electro/ funk record, sounding not unlike Hot Chip or their contemporaries. It's all high-pitched vocals, squelchy synth noises, bits of scant instrumentation zipping about, dancy breaks and funky rhythms. Starting with a beautiful piece of piano, it quickly changes into a sleazy party record. Maybe not as danceable as it would like you to believe, but the synth pads and the atmospherics work well.

The highlight though, is the demented cyber-waltz of 'Girl with A Curl', sounding like Tom Waits' electro side project, and singing like he had never smoked a single cigarette. It's a beautiful, bar room stomper, woozy and down-trodden, the kind of music that you hear in films when the lead character is drowning his sorrows in a filthy bar, crumpled suit and depressed look on his face. Only this time, it's been injected with some electro bleeps and some more high pitched singing. It's strange, but beautiful.

Recommended for fans of slightly eccentric music, which embraces a whole host of musical influences, The Sweet Chap is as lovely as his name suggests.



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