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Gig review of Delmonica + Shearwater (Leeds) + Zenith

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Reviewed on 7th April 2005.



Live at New Roscoe on Wednesday, 6th April 2005

1. You are showing your age.

Zenith. If only we were allowed guns in the UK. Pete Docherty (the last remaining soap rockerę in the world) would be joining the list of M.I.A.s and personally we think that would be dull and boring. Not because we empathise with the existential crisis of financially secure book-worming net-workers hitting the big brown bag, but because we see how much softer this dirty old city is after all the hard work put in by bands and promoters over the last ten years and we don't want it reverting to the mindless violence and don't-go-out-alone state that Leodis was not so very long ago. That sounds a little Jefferson Starship. There's the rub coming at you. Life is now very much for living thank you very much; the price we are paying is overdrafts and loans - so be it. I'm sure K.C. would appreciate the symbiosis of personal credit and basic urban security with a knowing middle eight. Except he's dead. These guys are too young to die. Or to understand the middle eight bit. They're not too young to repeat one riff +/- chorus/fuzz pedal and dubious doubled-up Mr O'Connor based whine - still, 'thanks for nothing' they pose. Hmmm... However we liked the cute floppy fringes and the air of i-don't -give-a-fuckness. Some songs would help. Maybe they'll come - as they are; so to speak. The Roscoe - half full of mid-teens - applauds and waves their cokes and crisps... One pukes under the table next to us... bless ...

2. Don't be afraid.

Shearwater (Leeds). Imagine if Jo-Jo could play guitar. Well Mrs Worthington - scary huh? Thirteen year old skinny guitar boy playing very Jimmy page. The bass and drums are fourteen (with a beard? I'm, uh, surprised). A little weird. In a kind of uneasy way. But, given that dad's are running round advising the sound desk and looking very worried, there's nothing to be afraid of. It's 1960s rock, a bit Zep, a bit psychedelic, a cover or two and there's a definite showcasing of the boy's very competent fret-work. Headstock note bending and hammering on (do people still do that? Um, yes.) World-wise lyrics. Nice gear. One can only hope that that they stick at it until they have found their own voices and record collections. Or CDs even. And yes that's probably said often. Mea Culpa.

3. It's never too late.

Delmonica. It's almost eleven by the time these chaps mount the stage, the kids have all gone home (although many hang out in the car park like corn exchangers comparing hoodies and love-bites) and so miss out on the chiming songs with big choruses and driving drums and tambourine shaking and harmony vocals. It swaggers too hard to gaze at its shoes and winds up the night with some hope and emotion, some remembrance of lessons, if not learnt then experienced at first hand.

Kinda weird gig? Yeah. I think so. Home for cocoa and slippers. Or a stiff drink. We haven't decided yet, maybe we never will.



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On 10th April 2005 at 23:04 Anonymous 4015 wrote...

I honestly don't have the faintest idea how good any of the bands were. Sorry, where was the review again?


On 11th April 2005 at 18:15 Anonymous 13 wrote...

Excellent piece of writing. As ever, a pleasure to read.


On 11th April 2005 at 21:57 Anonymous 4015 wrote...

Sam: I agree to an extent. It was a pleasure to read, and a very well written piece of writing. However, as a review, I just found it confusing and unnecessarily... wordy? I don't mean that, but ironically that's the only vocab I can think to use right now.



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