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Legends EP by The Lost 45s UK

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Reviewed on 24th November 2003.


Legends EP

By The Lost 45s UK

This noble self-produced effort from The Lost 45s comprises three 60's-inspired pop offerings. It's a confused sound that irks of a band still developing their craft. There's plenty of The Coral and The Bandits on "Russian Roulette" to keep the current market happy but add Ocean Colour Scene and Paul Weller - as on opener "Legends" - and things don't smell quite so sweet.

Ultimately what holds the whole thing back is the production, which for the ambitious subtleties the band are attempting in their songwriting is just not bright enough to reach the casual listener.

Future polished offerings should be worth an investigation and begin to shrug off the dad rock inroads, but the murky mix here for now does no favours.



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On 29th November 2003 at 19:37 Anonymous 904 wrote...

Murky mix? Confused sound? A band still developing their craft?? Ocean Colour Scene?? I don't get this review!!!

I got hold of this CD from a gig a couple of weeks ago and I can't hear no OCS on it! The bit about developing their craft.... There are some fantastic guitar and bass lines on it!! Confused sound too!? Why? It's straight forward with guitar, bass, drums and organ on it!! Unless you mean the tambourine...

I also find it poor when unsigned bands get slated for bad productions... Especially when in the case of this one, the production on all three songs is fine!! BBC Raw Talent played 'Legends' last Thursday. I mean, they wouldn't play poor productions on the grounds of it been a bad recording... Surely. Bands who play the standard Leeds circuit of RPC, The Vine, Jo's Well etc don't get payed megabucks, and so can't afford a 400 a day studio! And neither should they have to! As long as they get the feel of their songs across to the listener - Then that's fine!! What I'm saying is, review the songs, not the production! Would you slag off for instance 'A Hard Days Night' or say early Elvis recordings? No, I don't think you would. Sam Saunders did a review of The Lost 45's last CD. She saw the song quality through the poor production (Although I've never heard it though)

Finally, I think a review of a three track CD should have a bit of blurb for each song. 'Katmandu' never got a mention in the review!!! NOT ENOUGH SONG INFORMATION GIVEN!! Too busy waffling about poor production!

My review of this review....

Lazy Journalism

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On 4th December 2003 at 10:40 Anonymous 30 wrote...

Suggest that in the future before you rant on you take the time to listen as I have done over 2 years to over 200 unsigned demos and CD's and then if you still feel strongly that the people who play the local scene can't afford to produce amazing sounding, well written and well produced CD's then I will listen. I on the other hand have the proof. I actually said this was a noble effort and I don't think 3.5/5 is a bad score being as it is well above average. This site receives hundreds of CD's from bands all wanting to compete on the same playing field - if bands are naive enough (& I am not saying the L45's are) to believe good production is not part of their craft when it comes to putting CD's on sale then they are hugely misled. Want to know a big reason why a lot of people don't trust unsigned bands? It's because generally they've had their fingers burnt once by bad production and they feel they wasted their 3 even if it was on a mates band. Finally, how dare you accuse me of lazy journalism, I do all the reviews in my own time and at my own expense, I get paid nothing for it and I always give an honest and open opinion. What gives you the right to even accuse me....you know nothing about me or the research I do on every band. Your intitled to your opinion but leave insults out of it!


On 4th December 2003 at 14:30 Anonymous 904 wrote...

Sorry. The post wasn't meant to be insulting at all. Your reviews and other peoples reviews on LMS are usually top notch! After all, that's why I read them! It was just this review that threw me a little. There wasn't as much song reviewing in it as what I would have thought. A three track CD review should have a breakdown of each song in it... Fair comment? Like I said, I have the CD myself and I can hear wonderful things in it. The production is also damm fine and hits the point.

I posted a comment under Capital State the other day saying how good the latest reviews were... Cause they are! Everything is mentioned.

I was just disappointed with this review as I think the Legends EP is a fine CD (3.5/5 - accurate rating) and that The Lost 45s are a fantastic band to watch. I would have liked to do a review of it myself.

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On 4th December 2003 at 15:00 Anonymous 685 wrote...

The OCS comparison is off the mark, you make em sound dull with OCS comparison, which they aint. The sound is good for a self engineered effort, so the punters would not be put off by the sound. I'm certainly not, it sounds great to me.


On 4th December 2003 at 15:23 Anonymous 904 wrote...

Me too!!



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