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Winter/Winter by Cherryfalls

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Reviewed on 10th April 2005.



By Cherryfalls

In the fallout from Radiohead's The Bends I fell in love with this genre, big melodies from bands with lead singers who probably sent Jeff Buckley lyrics to their ex girlfriends to let them "know how they're feeling". However with huge sales of this musical style there was a predictable overkill with the excellence of bands like Coldplay being imbalanced by the flood of weaker efforts like Longview and *cough*, *plonk*, *splutter* (sorry there is some shit piano stuck in my throat) Keane. Cue Cherryfalls, and I'm about as overwhelmed as George Lucas at a Star Trek convention (geek similes are saved for special occasions like this). The band are supporting Feeder soon, and that kind of says it all about how generic they are likely to sound, but I'll try to fill any potential gaps in perception.

Things start brightly enough with "In your arms again" being a nicely delivered slice of college rock, and the big tune chorus of "bound to lose" being instantly likeable, but with track 3 "My Drug" things are going a little awry. The lyrics "I'd like to know you better" are rhymed with "I'd like to share your sweater", no filly is safe from these scoundrel's villainous ways, lock up your daughters now! This song is so poncy its uncomfortable, like having an indepth conversation about your mum with the guy who used to go out with her before your dad.

Apart from "standing watching" which reminds me of an old-era Stereophonics I'm sure I must have been in some kind of mini-coma until track 7 "Leave it alone", as there is not anything of note to mention. "Leave it alone" itself starts sounding like Ryan Adam's "enemy fire" then condenses into something syrupy and forgettable. Track 8, "Stars fill your skies" prompted a gasp of horror at the press release: "check the spliff being lit at the start". I hate press releases. The song turns out to be a delicate ballad with a nifty hook in the chorus. This is a huge relief, and things are looking brighter on the penultimate "The prize"; a more brooding and thundering effort, and I'm tempted to conclude that Cherryfalls carry some potential after all, and maybe even some testicles.

Closer "Make time" is more in Damien Rice territory and floats along nicely, but you listen anxiously as it gasps for air, bobbing under the waterline of being bearable before a rousing climax assures that you at least complete the album with your feet on dry land. If you like uncomplicated melodies sang to uncomplicated arrangements then you will probably love this band, so don't let my distaste stand in your way. If you are looking for something more challenging then I'd recommend taking a shit and wiping your arse with your other hand, that's far more testing than a long-player like Winter/Winter.



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