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The Bright Ambassadors of Morning by Pure Reason Revolution

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Reviewed on 12th April 2005.


The Bright Ambassadors of Morning

By Pure Reason Revolution

Sounding like the first half of someone's album, Pure Reason Revolution have quite an ambitious single here. Comprised of basically a few sections of half finished songs, 'The Bright Ambassadors of the Morning' is indeed a hefty listen. If you can stomach the post 12 minute running length, then you're in for a rare treat, full of twists and turns, guaranteed to keep you guessing throughout.

It all begins with some laidback dub type of thing with echoing drums, weird noises and distant harmonies, then swiftly changes into a mid 1970s Pink Floyd prog track, with golden harmonies, even stranger synth noises and some riffing guitar chugging away in the background. It's all done seamlessly, so you're not aware of it until it's happened. Hang on, it's changing again...

From there we go into a beautiful choral moment, with lots of harmonies and intertwined vocals giving the track that eerie 'calm before the storm' effect. Then it morphs into a kind of Death In Vegas/ Super Furry Animals skit, with pleasant guitar riffs, lots of weird computer squiggles and some funky drumming. Very nice indeed. The latter end of the song then twists into a rock beast, full of crazy guitar riffs, big, fat drumming and lots more weird noises buzzing around, before gently coming to a halt with some more atmospherics.

This is like a masterclass in modern rock, the kind of track you find on Guitarist CDs to help you play pretty much every genre from the 1970s and beyond. It's bold, fiery and strikingly refreshing. Try playing this, Razorlight.



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