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Soundtrack to a Headrush by Emanuel

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Reviewed on 14th April 2005.


Soundtrack to a Headrush

By Emanuel

What a better way to kick start a record than the phrase "Listen up motherf**kers, this is the new unheard of, unspoken, so if you're down, then get down, and if not then get the fuck out". As far as mission statements go, you're not going to find many more as abrupt and clear as that. In the world of emocore for a band to claim such a thing seems a tad impossible but Emanuel bring the goods from the off and by the time it's over you really can't argue otherwise.

This is ferocious stuff, the phrase 'all killer, no filler' was seemingly designed for this aptly titled piece of work. 10 tracks stretching over a mere half hour is more than a little similar to The Bronx and musically too, they share a lot in common. The screams could raise the dead, the fretwork could start fires and the vocals screech and squeal like a pile up on Spaghetti Junction. The aforementioned opener 'The Hey Man!' is a superb opener, full to the brim with the bravado and swagger of a few dozen Jaggers. The singles 'The New Violence' and 'The Willing' simply explode over and over again into the hugest choruses this side (that's the good side) of Bon Jovi. The title track lacks decent lyrical content (far too akin to drive-thru pop-punk bands) but it's still laced with an aggression that defines the bands sound. Even in the slower moments a rage burns within and when it ignites it creates the album highlight in 'Make Tonight'. It's a beautiful example of how a song can develop into a storming behemoth of a contemporary rock song from such a slow 'Jimmy Eat World'-esque birth.

This album's striking positives could also be interpreted as its downfall though. 'Soundtrack To A Headrush' is not a long term investment, you won't pick this up in 6 months time and discover some subtle intricacies you missed first time around. 'Buy American Machines' notably lacks the melody its counterparts possess and suffers as a result, throughout there is no let up whatsoever and as such may not be some peoples' cup of tea.

No song is what could be described as weak however (thank god, as there's not much room for error with 10 tracks!) and as such is a brilliant adrenaline rush of a CD, 'Soundtrack to a Headrush', you better believe it.



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