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Emmet 3.0 by Emmet

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Reviewed on 19th April 2005.


Emmet 3.0

By Emmet

There's little more that LMS can say about Emmet. We've already creamed our collective pants over their brand of high class dance music, or as everyone seems to call it, 'dance music it's ok to like'. Certainly, if this came on down the local discothèque, then I for one would shake my behind. Not that I go to many discothèques mind.

Anyway, this new offering from the trio kicks off in fine form with 'Make Em Clap 2005' which thumps its way through over five minutes of dirty, dirty synth (the best kind there is), some vocodered vocals and a head noddingly varied array of bleeps and squiggles.

Tracks like 'Felicity Bangg 2005' (what's with the year adding?) and 'Leaky Roof' then takes up the baton, with more pumping house beats, some very cheery synth slightly reminiscent of Daft Punk's obsession with odd synth noises, mixed with some fine vocals and some more god damn danceable rhythms. Damn you Emmet, you make me want to buy glow sticks and "'ave it large" every time I listen to your CDs.

It's dance music, but not as you know it. It's actually quite downbeat and serious if you get past the obvious dancefloor aesthetics, full of minor chords and pretty melodies, but melded to hands-in-the-air techno-ish tunes. Which I for one think, having grown up next door to an older brother who played some absolute dance music monstrosities, is a very good thing.

Also a good thing is the way all the tracks melt into one another, sort of like that prog bollocks everyone always bangs on about ("it's meant to be one big piece of work")

The latter half of the CD, especially the engaging 'Outsiders' or the rap infused 'Trubble', continues the Emmet trademark sound- blips beats and random synth sweeps all combine to provide an exhilarating experience, and one many of us 'miserable post rock types' don't experience often enough.

Go on, you know you want it, so you might as well give in to Emmet. It's either that, or you'll find yourself dancing to some crap which used to be a ringtone. And let's face it, no-one likes that...



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