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Graffiti by Maximo Park

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Reviewed on 22nd April 2005.



By Maximo Park

Having been brought up listening to all the 60's and 70's hippy-mod bands, it was a real treat to be sent this CD, all I can say is these guys have some talent between them, and a very decent producer.

The title track Graffiti hits in and with the whack of the first gritty distorted guitar chord this immediately sounds like a raw brash record that is not to be messed with and the organs contribute to its psychedelic feel. I get a sense of The Jam mixed with early Who tracks but yet gives a different feel once the vocals come in, with a broad accent shining through with a The Killers-esque tone it gives very satisfying listening upon the ear. An excellent melody in the powerful chorus gives it a great feel-good atmosphere and a nice psychedelic guitar solo reminding me of The Killers crossing paths with The Smiths. Even though I want the song to go on for another minute or so the instruments come to a halt and the sound of Paul Smith just yelp in his distinguishing broad accent, "Enufff!!"

The B-side is just as catchy with a Beatles-esque rhythm part, and some really appealing vocal harmonies, I wouldn't be surprised if I found out these guys had been sent from the 60's to re-introduce good oldfashioned rock'n'roll to all these people who think they know what a good tune is. This is another band that will hopefully contribute to the death of emo.

Thank God for this Maximo Park, they are gonna be very big so see them while you can and get a hold of this CD! And also look out for their debut album "A Certain Trigger"

Great work Maximo Park - hope to hear more from you soon!



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