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Don't Make Me Do It by Carma

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Reviewed on 23rd April 2005.


Don't Make Me Do It

By Carma

A lot of you will know of Geordie boys Carma. They tend to pimp themselves around these parts quite a lot. No actually, a hell of a lot. Jet propelled rock with blistering guitar solos and mental onstage shenanigans. If you haven't stumbled across Carma in Leeds then make sure you soon do.

So to the part where the rubber hits the road. Amidst the storming live madness that is music by Carma you tend to worry that's its all in the performance. Well fear not, their songs stand true when pressed onto shiny disk format - Enter "Don't make me do it"

A pumped up glistening animal of a rock song, Like Led Zeppelin jamming with Hendrix, but filthier. Lead screamer Paul Brydon ably riding abreast a wave of bruising bass lines and the ever insane random guitar breaks of Axe man Simon Stephenson. This is a monster tune...

As if to peel me off the ceiling an acoustic version of "Innocence Boom" drifts in. A Hauntingly candid ramble through the mind of Brydon. Shy and dark lyrics complemented by beautiful guitar work. "Nothing is going on, nothing outside this room. Pull yer girl up close tonight, cash in on the innocence boom"

The architecture of this single is complex but highly affective, last track "Waiting for the moon to fill" is even more raucous than the title track and jerks you into life again. The familiar crazed guitar solos are still heavy. For anyone who has seem Carma live, think of Stephenson going off on one and this is pretty much the backbone to this track. The Shotgun speed vocal harmonies on the chorus are superb, giving the tune another layer entirely.

A Stunning debut. "When will a city become a sound" Brydon spits on "Don't make me do it". I'm shagged if I know mate, but I for one am more than happy for you to add to the Leeds Music Scene Pallet.



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