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Non Contact Sports by Thai Bride

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Reviewed on 24th April 2005.


Non Contact Sports

By Thai Bride

Judging them on this release Thai Bride are a bloke's band. Not that they play blokes music as such, it's just that they sing about bloke's things. Namely wanking and men's urinals.

The title track is a quirky little ditty about spanking the monkey when watching women's tennis. Great stuff. Not that I've done it myself mind. I left those days behind with my mum's Grattons catalogue. But I know what singer Ricky is getting at. I should mention that Ricky's surname is Le Bleu. I doubt it's his real name but 10/10 for showbiz style.

On first listen the title track is Beetlebum-esque. Slow, melancholic power chords build towards an annoyingly catchy chorus. The lyrics, if slightly predictable, are entertaining and the overall style reminds me of those lost Britpop kids Bennett. It's dark, quirky and slightly paranoid. And now I can't wait for Wimbledon.

The second track, Five Urinals, is more of the same. 'Five Urinals on the wall, it's a male dilemma when nature calls' croons the vocal. Indeed it is but the track follows the same plot as the last one (quirky blokey subject, slow power chords, repetitive chorus) and is therefore disappointing. Interestingly the vocal was recorded in a public toilet but I'm afraid that's the best thing about track two.

The last number, My Poor Brain Chemistry, is different though. A strong powerful track it's dark and depressing and hits a different chord to the other two tracks. Again, another catchy chorus, but this time it's less obvious and hooks you in without you even realising.

An interesting EP from a quirky band with a sense of humour. They have hooks, plenty of them, and while they may be predictable on occasions I expect that we'll be hearing more of them as the Britpop revival takes hold across the UK.



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