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Blamethrower by Reuben

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Reviewed on 24th April 2005.



By Reuben

Sorry to ruin the song for you folks - but am I the only one who thinks this, the lead off single from the reliably brilliant Reuben's new album, bears more than a passing resemblance to Slipknots 'Duality'? Just me? Ok, moving on...

This is one barnstorming, head smash into a mirror, throw your grandmother from the hotel window, get out of my way missus - I'm coming through, dreadnought of a comeback single. It's refreshing to find a single with 'F**k' as a primary word in the chorus too (so long Radio One playlist). Doesn't seem two minutes since Reuben unleashed their debut 'Racecar Is Racecar Backwards' into the British market and in actuality it was only June last year. This was more of a collection of the past several years of Reuben's existence however and managed to be fatally flawed in containing an overly ambitious amount of tracks and a few glaring omissions from the fans' point of view. However it was superb in places and showed real potential which forthcoming full length 'Very Fast, Very Dangerous' (due out August) will, fingers crossed, be able to harness.

This download only single is a real signal of intent, far harder than the outright poppy breakthrough single 'Freddy Krueger', but still with those undeniable Reuben hooks and barked vocals. An amusing angst ridden spoken word bridge from vocalist Jamie Lenman and his overly posh accent explodes into the huge double chorus one final time and with that it's all over, it's brief but that by no means doesn't mean you couldn't contract an abrupt case of whiplash by the end of it. 'Very Fast, Very Dangerous'? That sums it up nicely.



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