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Untitled by Kanuba

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Reviewed on 28th April 2005.



By Kanuba

Hailing from York, four piece Kanuba crank out a kind of Red Hot Chilis-ish, Foo Fightersy racket, with some heavy riffage, some screaming and some funky moves.

The tracks themselves work well within the genre of gritty rock, with some blistering riffs, some competent playing and some catchy hooks thrown in for good measure. 'Running On Empty' has some nice dynamics going on with pretty riffs mixing it up with a heavy chorus.

Last track 'Freedom' sounds like Pearl Jam if they took loads of mushrooms and thought they were Bootsy Collins or something, as the funky drums pound away behind some more gritty guitars and some almost-rapping vocals. It's an interesting mix and certainly provides the EP with some diversity.

It's good, not mind blowing like, but if you like it loud, raw and with buckets of energy, then this is one for you.



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On 3rd May 2005 at 13:10 Anonymous 4179 wrote...

Cheers for the review! We reckon' it's a pretty fair assessment of our style. Thanks.



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