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Reviewed on 4th May 2005.


Space Ritual

Live at New Roscoe on Thursday, 28th April 2005

A real mixed crowd of various ages, shapes and colours. People who should certainly know better at their age(s). But enough of the band, what about the crowd? Ah yes, the crowd, itself a mixture of old hippies, businessmen, and young dancey types - as you'd expect for a Hawkwind-esque gig. Space Ritual for those of you are unaware, are a ragbag collection of ex-Hawkwind members from the 70s, playing Hawkwind songs from the 70s. A bloody sound idea if ever there was one. It all starts with the majority of the band onstage and ready for the off, as front man and boringly dressed tonight saxofool Nik Turner comes parping his way through the crowd with instrument in hand. Much amusement already. The set really only gets going with "Born To Go" and is rapidly followed by "Sonic Attack", beautifully recited word-for-word by 150+ punters reliving a heady past. By the time we get to "Orgone Accumulator", I start thinking that things need beefing up a bit sound wise - it's a bit too synthy and not enough crunchy. Hot news then as the 25 minute couplet of "D-Rider" and "Brainstorm", 1 synth boy leaves his keys, straps on guitar and life is so much better. The couplets of aceness keep a coming "Watching The Grass Grow" and "Ejection", with closers "Masters Of The Universe" and "Silver Machine" - speechless, cos of grinning too much. The rest of the band and junior Stacia (ask your psychedelic uncle) leave the stage, but Nik still has some tricks up his sleeve - "Riding The Bones Of Elvis" and a classy "Theme From Pink Panther" - John Keenan, we applaud you loudly.



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Space Ritual

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