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Secrets & Lies by Nex

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Reviewed on 5th May 2005.


Secrets & Lies

By Nex

Punk Metal, a bass player who chooses to go by the name The Professional (but looks like a nerd) and a drummer who wears a black vest - quite frankly the review could end right here! But give Nex the benefit of the doubt, as apparently so many already have done with accolades from such luminaries as the late great John Peel (although you would never have heard him play anything like this).

This is 3 songs of perfectly written and executed MTV2 friendly, American drenched metal-punk-kerplunk. Kerrang! lapped it up and why shouldn't they? It ticks every box on the way, even with a bit of GNOOOAAWWR vocals to please the fans of true heavy thunder and double drum pedals. None of the tracks are in any way memorable but they probably scare the living hell out of PA systems live. "Uncle S.A.M" is good fun with its diet political edge and it will all keep the bands fans hot and sweaty.

Like so many, Nex clearly have the skills to perform, but they also need to spend a little time finding their own sound amongst the extremely proficient emulation service being offered here.



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