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Lipstick Lickin' by Milburn

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Reviewed on 9th May 2005.


Lipstick Lickin'

By Milburn

Fight! Fight! Fight!

While Leeds pats itself on the back for being the epicentre of new wave pop-rock it could be ambushed by its angry southern Sheffield siblings with a fair slap round the chops and a firm size 10 in the arse.

Because Milburn, you see, are magnificent. With the Carnall brothers, Joe and Louis leading the charge armed with a barrage of infectious melodies Sheff has something to really shout about.

The opener Lipstick Lickin' is a belter! A huge wave of drums and power chords throws us on a merry dance through Libertines Land, via Kinks Corner and back to Clash Park just in time to gatecrash a house party with the Pistols.

Wow that was good. Whoa it gets better!

Cheshire Cat Smile begins innocently enough, until it kidnaps your brain and forces you at gun point to sing, sing, sing! Dance, dance, dance! I'm still dancing. Look at me.

Possibly the illegitimate love children of the Finn brothers, but on crack, Milburn are just wonderful. Pure shambolic rock of the highest order. The whole CD is catchy chorus a go-go that really won't let you go.

And the best part is the band has an average age of 17. How on earth did they do that?



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On 10th May 2005 at 14:44 Anonymous 1200 wrote...

I downloaded a song, and I have to say it is the least original thing I have heard for a very long time, and I get a lot of demos.

The review is spot on - it does sound like an exact mixture of all the bands mentioned. If you mix carrots, meat, onions and potatoes, you get hot pot. Sadly, if you don't know how to cook, it doesn't matter.


On 10th May 2005 at 16:08 Anonymous 4205 wrote...

I've heard more original bands chimp but I felt that their songs were ultra catchy slices of pop rock which I really enjoyed listening to.

Both tracks stuck in my head and I kept the CD on repeat for a good half hour. I just really liked it which is why it got a good review.

I also saw the review in Sandman after writing this which pretty much echoed my thoughts.

If it's good it's good in my book.


On 11th May 2005 at 23:34 Anonymous 1200 wrote...

I'm certainly not criticising your review, which is good. (Except for the "band-x on crack" bit, which I'll assume is ironic!)

I hope they do well, etc. but... it's vaguely in time and vaguely in tune, grooveless and imagination-free.



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