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Blue Screen by Scout

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Reviewed on 1st November 2001.


Blue Screen

By Scout

Scout are summed up in one word. Impressive. Right from the packaging of the CD (which doesn't really count) to the sound of their material, which is likened to the earlier sounds of Blondie. Scout's vocalist Emma Crellin has a very powerful voice which is the main feature of all the bands material.

The first track, "Pistachio" comes in with a guitar intro with the band bringing it to pace. This track is where I draw my comparison to Blondie due to the funky guitars and bass lines. The vocals on the track are quite reserved and the harmonies are very good too. At the end of the track it goes very soft, almost as is you are in a dream. A very good opener.

The second track, "Milkbomb", starts off using a sample, and there is use of what sounds like a keyboard on this track too. A very powerful song with the bass and drums driving it along. The guitars on this track are basically playing distorted chords. This track follows the same soft quality at the end where it changes pace completely. A very good track.

The third track is a live track from one of their gigs. "Honeybee" features funky guitar lines of almost jazz quality. The vocals really compliment this song. I have never throughout this CD heard this singer put a note out of key. A very good track.

The final track, "Enamoured", is played on acoustic guitar and brings a mellow feel to the end of the CD. The vocals again stand out the most on this track, both in melody and the use of harmony. Not as catchy as their earlier material but a good track all in all.

I think that they are a very talented band, and if this CD is something to go on, they will be signed before long and you should go and see them pretty soon.



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