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One Day I'm Going To Go STRATOSPHERIC On You And, Chances Are, You'll Thank Me For It by Kiosk

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Reviewed on 13th May 2005.


One Day I'm Going To Go STRATOSPHERIC On You And, Chances Are, You'll Thank Me For It

By Kiosk

This EP has the bestest title ever. Annoying to type out. Stupidly pretentious. Vastly ambitious. Impressive. Not much is going to live up to this claim however. As good as Kiosk may be (and they are, quite) they're always, to this reviewer at least, going to be the band with that really long song title.

There's some music on a disc to listen to as well, once you've got passed reading the title. It's rather fine. It sounds like The Duke Spirit's Leila Moss at her most alluring, while the music sounds like The Duke Spirit at their most poppy. That's good though, because The Duke Spirit can be rather good when they put their minds to it, and this sounds like a condensed version of the good bits of them. The Velvet Underground are pushed to one side to allow the melodies to break free, and it just sounds like a rather good fun, pretty shiny rock'n'roll record. That's not to say that The Velvet Underground are a bad thing, but sometimes it's fun to listen to something with a little less conviction and a bit more tunes.

This would probably sound like Razorlight were a man singing these songs. It's rock'n'roll in a watered down form, made very easy to listen to. It survives it sheen however, because vocalist Krissie Nicolson sings like every indie boy's wet dream.

Chances of this band going stratospheric - slim. Chances of this inciting appreciative foot tapping - high.



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