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Three Moods of... by The Noisettes

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Reviewed on 15th May 2005.


Three Moods of...

By The Noisettes

"I hear those guys can really wail" says Garth at the prospect of seeing Crucial Taunt in Wayne's World. He could just as easily be talking about The Noisettes, because the marvellously named singer, Shingai Shoniwa, can, like seriously fucking sing, dude. Or something like that.

It is hard to put into words how utterly spellbinding The Noisettes are live. The aforementioned Shoniwa, aside from her superb Grace Jones-esque voice shimmies around the stage like a five year-old who's had five shots of espresso shoved down her throat. Occasionally she plays the bass, the rest of the time she leaps, dives and leaves you dying to have her as your own.

So perhaps this four track single isn't quite as good as the live show, but that's kinda like saying that most people don't write songs quite as well as Lennon and McCartney. Hardly damning criticism, is it? What is really striking is the range of moods (see what I did there, me so clever) that this band have. The whole thing launches with 'Don't Give Up', a blistering statement of intent that practically lurches out of the speakers, grabs your head and flings it around the room. It all slows down a bit for the vaguely loungey 'Monte Cristo'. It's like being flung around on a rollcoaster and then landing in a big fluffy cloud and having all your fears soothed away in the heavens.

'Signs' takes the middle ground between its two predecessors, and is probably the worst track here. It's still fucking ace though. It all comes to a stuttering halt with 'Burn'. Dan Smith's guitar lurches around like it's trying to stand up after a heavy night out, while the vocals growl over the top and the drums cycle around somewhere in the back. If 'Signs' and 'Monte Cristo' are fairly laid back affairs, and 'Don't Give Up' is a defiantly positive refusal to, erm, give up, then 'Burn' sounds wracked with paranoia, confusion and anger. It never launches into the full-on rage attack that it seems to head towards, and just collapse in on itself (that's a good thing by the way) in a flurry of disappointment. I dunno, perhaps it's actually about looking after a bunny rabbit or something, but it certainly sounds rather pissed off.

This record is probably about the second best thing ever, other than seeing the The Noisettes live, you ain't gonna find anything quite as exhilarating as this for a little while. You can fling your 'punk-funk' tag at this if you want, or whatever else you want to call it, I'm just going to call it 'fucking amazing music', if that's ok with you?



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On 15th May 2005 at 12:09 Anonymous 4015 wrote...

And, of course, my claim to fame forever is going to be that the Noisettes supported us at The Mixing Tin. Oh yes. (And yeah, of course they completely outplayed us.)



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