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Untitled by Umlaut

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Reviewed on 16th May 2005.



By Umlaut

There must be something in the water down in Derby, as Umlaut recorded this three track EP down in the mid(ish)lands. There must be something, and I'm guessing it's class A, as this EP starts off full of energy, bursting at the seems, and just keeps it going for the three track duration.

'First Song' rips along at a furious pace, with its insanely clean guitar sound and breakneck speed. The vocals are refreshingly English, as they sound like some guy who just walked in off the street started singing over some band's demo. At least he's not trying to sound American.

'Lea Green' and 'Winter Coat' are more of the same high energy romps through some quality guitar stabs, with the latter featuring a brilliant sample of a knackered 80s casio keyboard and even breaks down for some handclaps! Brilliant. The former knocks about for a few minutes, turning up the heat with some crunchy distorted guitar and more fun throwaway lyrics.

The production an all three songs is certainly rough and ready, which fits them very well indeed, it gives you a well needed break from all the over processed epic stuff. Just let your hair down and dance around the front room like a berk. Go on, you know you want to...

In all, this is very impressive stuff. Maybe it's the summer sun sneaking in every now and then that's making me quite happy, but this is superbly jolly stuff. It's perfect summer road trip music, and here's hoping Umlaut do the trip up here sometime soon.



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