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Krafty by New Order

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Reviewed on 16th May 2005.



By New Order

It's a tricky one, the remix CD. It can prove to be a bit of a pain in the rear sometimes, as your fans want the one they heard on the radio, not the 'DJ Killbot 12" extended techno-dub mix', but as evidenced here, sometimes it can prove to be a fruitful exercise.

The Glimmers 12" extended mix is a sparse, almost empty version of the original, as the only instruments on show are a pounding drum beat, a thumping bass line (as always) and some sugar coated vocals from Bernard Sumner. It's enjoyable enough though, as the interplay between everything sounds very kraut rock, almost like Kraftwerk minus the electronics.

A more upbeat, fuller version pops along next with the 'Phones Reality remix' which sounds like a synth having sex with a computer- all funky rhythms, bleeping noises and that thumping bass again. It's a worthy inclusion though, as it's a nice counterpoint to the Glimmers mix, being all up beat dance floor craziness.

Third up is the Andy Green remix, and as soon as it kicks in, you can see a pattern emerging. Instead of a bombastic, in-your-face experiment in remixing, all three remixes have been, albeit in different genres, very understated. It's refreshing to hear something as poppy, happy and generally not evil as this remix, as for the first time, there's some fuzzy guitar propping up the danceable rhythms, hazy vocals and the pretty keyboard sounds. Nice.

Then, to finish up, there's a 're-edit' of the album version, although quite what that means I have no idea. Is it longer? Shorter? Less instruments? Who knows, it does sound very lush though, the sweeping strings prove a nice feature, as the subtle drum beats pound away, this version feels a lot more melancholic somehow, all subtle atmospherics. Ahhhh... and relax...

In all, this isn't just for New Order fans, which is probably what remix CDs are usually about. It's a decent little package, topped off with the video on the enhanced section, it's quite a worthwhile purchase. All the different sides of Sumner and Co. are on show here, and it's quite nice to see that even when someone else is interpreting their work, they still sound as catchy as ever.



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