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#2 by Thee Virus House

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Reviewed on 1st December 2001.



By Thee Virus House

I bet Thee Virus House really get annoyed all the time with people printing their name The Virus House, because yes that wasn't a spelling mistake or typo, they are Thee Virus House. Hailing from Manchester, Thee Virus House have positioned themselves in what would seem to be the right scene at the right time. With the likes of The Strokes currently riding high and The Hives scheduled to be as big next year, you can believe there is going to be a big demand for this sort of washed out three chord Lou Reed wannabe chugga chugga music... when it's done well that is.

The...sorry...Thee Virus House have the best sentiments in their alternative quest, the recording quality and the mastering of this demo is pants and the bumf accompanying it needs a serious re-think as it does little to support the stylish image the band are aiming for. But true to their cause there is no jumping around of styles musically and they plough on with their gritty fuzz indie for all 3 songs on this demo aptly name TVH #2.

Track one stands out as the best track by miles combining a cutting guitar riff with a gravelled vocal that sounds like the cough mixture was on hand during recording and is disaffected and stylish enough to fit with the band's shade touting image. The chorus line of "I'm in love with oblivion" gives the impression that live this would truly rock.

Think Nick Cave meets the Fall meets the Velvet Underground meets the Strokes and mix in a little bit of new wave and you have Thee Virus House at their best. On the other hand think of all of the above and forget them, for Thee Virus house at their worst is not a pretty sight and this is what we get on tracks 2 and 3. As I mentioned, TVH never compromise their style and go for every alternative bone in your body - but it just don't work and by the time the shouting vocals of track 3 start there is little left to do but put the kettle on.

If TVH were a dose of flu you'd be half chuffed because you were off work, but really knacked off because it just wouldn't go away. Time for those jabs.



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