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The Butcher And The Butterfly by Queen Adreena

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Reviewed on 20th May 2005.


The Butcher And The Butterfly

By Queen Adreena

Hate to sound so abrupt, but Katie Jane-Garside is weird. Is it that I personally don't understand her twisted world of sickly intense lyrics? Would I actually quite like her if I got to know her over cup of coffee? I don't know, but on the evidence of Queen Adreena and this 3rd release I think my original assessment stands true.

Hard to believe Katie Jane Garside first appeared on the music scene almost 15 years ago but that's how long ago her first incarnation as a part of acclaimed Daisy Chainsaw really was. She doesn't look any different, still as vibrant and as much a '2 pinter' as she ever was but also still on the edge of being incarcerated at any chosen moment. It's so easy to be torn away from the musical product by such a whimsical frontwoman as the obvious focal point, which is a shame because in actuality if you give it a chance it's actually quite good.

Opening with pleasantly named 'Suck' it's a promising start encompassing many aspects of Queen Adreena's all round gameplay. Slow, sickly, brooding over and under tones in both the lyrics and music. The almost fairy tale 'La-la-la-la's providing the soundtrack to a jaunting swaying Godzila-esque monster of an introduction.

The record is intermittent with its noticeable highlights however as many of the tracks aren't anything especially special to write home about but are rather a portal to Garside's inner workings which is about as dark as Marilyn Manson dressed in a dark suit in a dark room with no windows or doors... at night... during an eclipse. That's pretty dark. However when the album does spring to life it's a very special thing indeed with songs that would appeal to most modern rock fans no matter what your lyrical persuasion. Namely 'Pull Me Under', 'Racing Towards The Sun' and one of the occasional times Garsides lyrical talents really shine through to become decipherable and appropriate to the everyday listener on 'Childproof'.

First single 'FM Doll' then. I dislike this song profusely. The lyrics have gone too far, if a more 'popular' band had penned this, there could have been trouble. Based vividly around the true story of a 7 year old beauty queen (that's SEVEN) being sexually assaulted and murdered in her own home, it's not a very pleasant song to listen to. Very very disturbing indeed. Another negative in Queen Adreena's figurative checklist is the fact Katie Jane Garside eventually ends up coming across as your annoying whinging girlfriend. Accusing the listener of being 'a liar' amongst other things. Fans will be used to her incessant nasal screeching but for the casual onlooker it wears a little thin after a few listens.

Queen Adreena and particularly Garside should be credited however for creating a legitimately different and often powerful record in 'The Butcher And The Butterfly'. I just can't hand on heart recommend this as an enjoyable purchase for the average music fan. The darkness and intensity of Garside's lyrics just grows too much in the end and the musicianship isn't good enough to be worthy of repeated plays. Supposedly this will end the Queen Adreena trilogy album legacy but for me it's passed by with about the impact of a butterfly.



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On 26th May 2005 at 19:40 Anonymous 3513 wrote...

hmmm. You wouldn't recommend this to your average listener? What does an average listener listen to?

Find out what it is and let me know so I can avoid it at all costs.


On 27th May 2005 at 15:55 Anonymous 3566 wrote...

General modern rock? you know reads nme, watches mtv2, listens to the kaisers, doesn't post sarcastic comments on message boards, you know the type

I apoligise for the broad statement but unless you're a fool you should appreciate the sentiment.



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