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Hazy by Sonic Torpedoes

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Reviewed on 1st January 2002.



By Sonic Torpedoes

This three-track promo CDR is awesome. No really. I didn't understand it at first but once my wife had taken over and proclaimed how much she loved the record after just one listen, I had to work out what it was that I had missed... why didn't I get it? And, after many repeated plays, it came to me. Simplicity. That's the key to this record: a combination of creating simple loops (not just verse-chorus-verse), while at the same time creating an illusion that Sonic Torpedoes are some new, technically clever ground-breaking alternative rock band. They're not, but until you realise this you're a loser.

Track three is the winner; you can dance to this through a unique combination of rock guitar riffs, sequencer and the delivery of an interesting bassline (somewhat missing in the other songs). "Chrome Age" keeps the Torpedoes' formula alive too: rarely have I thought that a band with such a lethargic, almost-spoken word vocal could provide so much intrigue. Yet this is also a perfect example of where rock and dance can meet, with a 80s electronica touch thrown in - my wife suggests ZZ Top, which I am unable to respond to having never listened to a ZZ Top record. She's usually right though; hence my inclusion of her comments here.

The second track is named simply ":-)", which under the circumstances is as appropriate as any. Every time the song is played I can't help but smile at the persistent image created in my mind of Status Quo. From the guitar riff to the vocal delivery, it's a little pop gem; could it have been penned by Parfitt or Rossi? Oh, I think so, though the unique Torpedoes sound of the guitars distances the image somewhat. Marvellous.

The A-side annoys me, as I feel it is the weakest song of the three. What makes it worse is that I still remember its repetitive lyric... for most songs that is usually a good impression to leave on a listener. Not now.

This is a clear success for the former Ten Benson team.



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