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Make Me Butterfly by Shard

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Reviewed on 31st May 2005.


Make Me Butterfly

By Shard

Shard wail onto my stereo like a fucking alarm bell. Hit me, hit me, hit me! Riffs shooting out of their guitars like bullets from an MK47, vocals that scream down the mic shouting slap me in the face, yes, you, now you bastard! And that's just the title track Make Me Butterfly.

Second on is Die happy picnic. It's all nice, quaint and synth-sing along camp-Blur pop until a monstermetal guitar fires in from nowhere to blow the front off my hi-fi. Funeral For A Friend eat your heart out.

Last track Le petit mort is a happy (or not so happy) clap along number. Think Wannadies but dark, screwed up and really filthy.

The thing is, from what I'm saying you'd think Shard were some extreme metal project but this band is angular guitar Cure/Blur camp-metal-synth-pop. Hard to sum up yes, but who cares, it's just bloody good.

Leeds will love them.



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