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An Aural Demonstration by Mozer

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Reviewed on 1st February 2002.


An Aural Demonstration

By Mozer

Getting around to reviewing the four-track CD from Mozer - not to be mistaken with Mozzer... "We're not a Morrissey tribute band" - has been brought to the fore in the last few days due to dialogue with former Seahorses drummer, Andy Watts. Having listened to the recording for over a week without even the vaguest idea of what to write, or even if I liked it or not, its finally hit me that it's got to make-your-mind-up time.

Posing the ultimate direct question, "So, what do you think?" Andy hits me with it and I cop out, explaining I haven't decided yet. It's true; the other day I woke up in the night and found myself reciting the chorus to "U R Not Known" and if things get to that stage you must surely like it. Surely? At the same time, "Smother" makes me think that this is what Leeds four-piece 5'4" would have sounded like if they'd kept at it for another year; sort of not-too-nice-not-too-rough-indie with a deep-down folk influence to the vocal delivery. Not at all bad, but never going to be world-beaters either. And you sort of (ok, unjustifiably, I admit) expect that little bit more when the band's poster says "Mozer (ex-Seahorses)" and "Mute Records". Onto the positives again, technically the recording sounds great, it's well produced and the song writing is far better than average.

However, rather than win me some more time, my response intrigues Andy further as he explains this is the first reaction they've experienced that wasn't an emphatic acceptance. So, finally, I decide, "Yeah, I like this." It's taken me a while, but if "Believe" (post la-la-la at the beginning) reminds you of a ballsy indie-pop attitude-laden version of Manc idols Stone Roses, perhaps with Noel helping Ian Brown out on vocals, with swirling guitar effects, then Mozer could do it for me too. Afterall, it's just a demo, an "Aural Demonstration", and nothing more, and as far as demos go it compares very well.



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