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Beat Me by Electric Eel Shock

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Reviewed on 2nd June 2005.


Beat Me

By Electric Eel Shock

Screaming their way all the way from Japan, home of lock n loll, Electric Eel Shock are here for your daughter. If you like gritty, slightly daft hard rocking music, then this will be right up your street. Twelve songs of upbeat rock monsters, Electric Eel Shock certainly know how to get a party started.

Imagine AC/DC, but Japanese, with added punk elements and a whole dollop of stoner rock thrown in for good measure, and you pretty much have 'Beat Me' - a collection of gargantuan riffage and big, glam style beats.

With track titles like 'I Can Hear The Sex Noise' and 'I Love Fish But Fish Hate Me', you get the feeling that they aren't taking themselves too seriously. 'Bastard!' rocks along nicely, and opener 'Scream For Me' is another rollocking example of fun rock music.

Lead singer Aki Morimoto's snarling vocals creep over every song here, from the down n dirty groove of the aforementioned 'I Can Hear The Sex Noise' ("now I'm soooo crossss!" he yells at one point) to the bollock breaking noise of 'Don't Say Fuck'- a sort of Kyuss-esque track, full of dirty, mammoth riffing which features the immortal line "you are so ugry!".

Of course you've heard this kind of thing before, but that's not the point - these guys are here to have a good time and have you moshing to the kind of riffs that Metallica would gladly sell their souls for, had they not already done that when they made 'St. Anger'.

Whereas bands like Jet wear their Rolling Stones influences quite blatently on their sleeves, EES don't seem too bothered about being influenced by a whole decades worth of bands, because EES actually rock - it's less about image and fitting in with a certain style, and more about simply having a good time.

And whilst the album may drag a bit, as the twelve songs stretch for a healthy 43 minutes, it's worth keeping with it, if only for the sped up cover of Sabbath's 'Iron Man' which finishes the album in predictably loud fashion.

Fed up? Fuck it, put this on and have yourself a little party.



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