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Supercharged by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 1st March 2002.



By Various Artists

Nu-metal has become increasingly popular over recent years, so much so that it can now be afforded its own place in the compilation CD market, no longer confined to an occasional Kerrang cover disk; one such recent compilation is the Supercharged album, a twenty track mix of nu-metal, pop-punk and primarily Americanised, now mainstream, rock marketed directly to the young kids at Garage and Star. Nicely packaged into one or two track genre-split sections, you'll find your Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park separated from Sum 41 and Blink 182, whilst Staind and Nickelback play back-to-back as do P.O.D. and A... who says the record makers aren't thinking of their audience? For those of you who don't have these tracks elsewhere in your collection, and, after all, why would you be interested in such a compilation CD if you did, you'll find that whilst the songs on your radio / tv have those quaint, some would say annoying, little pauses, Supercharged is correctly (as expected) uncensored so it's a change to hear songs in their entirety for once. In sound, this compilation sits somewhere between MTV2 and Kerrang, too poppy and mainstream for Kerrang but too heavy for the former, though you'll find all tracks will be played at some stage on both; stand alone tracks are the German stadium goth sounds of Rammstein, "Ich Will", whilst the effervescent "Feel Good Hit Of The Summer" by QOTSA has always been a favourite of mine. Twenty rocking tracks, and out now; worthwhile if you want a collection of such singles from the past year or so. And you haven't already taken these from your mate's collection and burned them to your own CD - have you?



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