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Disappear Here by Silver Sun

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Reviewed on 7th June 2005.


Disappear Here

By Silver Sun

Admit it, you thought they'd split up didn't you? For those who don't remember 'em first time around, Silver Sun were one of those bands who emerged around the tail end of Britpop specialising in bright and sparkly guitar-pop anthems. They put out a debut album which still stands out as one of the best of that particular era, a follow-up which pretty much sucked the big one and then disappeared off the face of the earth seemingly. A full seven years on and they've returned with a long-overdue third album.

While it doesn't quite reach the sky-kissing heights of their debut it's still a return to form of sorts. It's good to see that in an age where looks seem to matter more than music and music and ambition are widely deemed by the vacant-eyed fools of "cool" to be incompatible that Silver Sun still clearly couldn't give a toss about fashion. "Disappear Here" is 30 minutes of simple three-chord slices of glammed-up Beach Boys summery guitar pop with its eyes on headlining a packed Wembley Stadium which will cause your mouth to smile and your head to bob along to the music. Yes, there are a couple of duffers on here (mostly the ones where they don't go hell for leather on the song - slowies were never this lot's forte) but for the most part this is great singalong music which is hopelessly in love with loud guitars and shiny choruses with hooks you could use to reel in killer whales and amen to that. Hell, "Jody" even manages to sound like the theme from '80s cartoon "Eighty Days Around The World" and still be brilliant.

It almost goes without saying that the narrow-minded souls whose idea of "good music" begins and ends with Pete Doherty and Johnny Borrell will hate this. Good. For the rest of you, listen to what could well be the ideal soundtrack to the summer ahead and enjoy.



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