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What Are You Waiting For? by Earl

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Reviewed on 8th June 2005.


What Are You Waiting For?

By Earl

Now this one's a hard one, not often do I recieve or listen to dance tunes with a huge amount of interest, but as I put this CD on, I suddenly like dance music!! First thing that comes to mind is this is bloody well produced and quite an original dance rock sound, the title track is an all out dance rock spectacular brimming with energy which a lot of dance tunes fail on, it sounds like Nine Inch Nails shaking bootys with Destiny's Child (hmmmmm strange I know, but good!) The strong disco electronic beat booms all the way throughas a strong basis for the synths and quirky syncopated vocals.

This is one motherfucker of a Machester dance track that is not to be messed with, including a fantastic Spanish flamenco guitar breakdown. And this is all performed, written and produced by Mancunian Ruth Daniel, alongside a guy and girl in charge of backing vox duties, I must say im fairly damn impressed!

Second track "Safe" could easily be mistaken for a rocked up Girls Aloud single, and is a very radio-friendly example of how much good unrecognised electronic music there is out there and the shit that is escaping into the mainstream would be impounded by stuff of this calibre. This is one even the chavs would like!

Well if I don't hear these playing on any dance channels soon I think I will make sure they do, for any genuine dance/rock fans out there, this is one for you and spread the word about Earl.

Nice one Ruth, hope to hear more!



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