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Reviewed on 9th June 2005.



By We vs Death

It's post rock kids, but not as we know it... actually, it's pretty much as we know it, but with the added bonus of trumpets! score! Dutch post rock isn't exactly top of many people's lists of things to listen to, but evidenced from this 7 track album, it certainly should be.

The typical drones and tones from many a post rock CD are in here, sitting comfortably next to steady, tight rhythms for the most part, and some lovely patches of brass just poking their way through the haze of monotonous soundscapes.

In amongst the layers of guitar noises, there's some frantic drumming, especially on opener 'Pictures From...', which highlights pretty much where We Vs. Death are coming from - it's melodic, fraught and exciting in the extreme.

As with most post rock, you have certain motifs that lace the song, but inbetween them it's anyone's guess as to where the music goes next. That's the beauty of a band like We vs Death, as they know how to construct the basis of a song, and then throw you beautifully of course.

Sounding not unlike fellow post rockers with a Dutch connection, Detwiije, this CD floats on a glorious sea of melancholic instrumentals, persuading even the most cynical of doubters to fall in love with its gentle ferocity.

Fans of instrumental post rock, but without the epic armageddon of Godspeed, or the thrashing of Mogwai would be well advised to check this out.



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