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Always the Same by Neils Children

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Reviewed on 10th June 2005.


Always the Same

By Neils Children

Wow that's a sick guitar sound! Yet it pounds around my head picking up on each one of my senses. This is a crazy indie-punk number from Neils Children, sounding like The Futureheads mixed with Pistols-esque vocals yet they have their own unique psychedelic feel to the piece. Yes "Always The Same" is a corker of a new single, full of energy and balls that make rock music good. It's too heavy to be indie, it's too melodic to be punk and far too psychedelic to be pop, so what the fuck is it? And that my friends is why I like this so much, it's not often you can listen to a CD and not be able to instantly categorise it, like you can do with some of the shit I have previously heard. This tune is going to be in my head all bloody week!!!

Second track "Stupid Band" starts with a creepy robotic sound effect like that from Doctor Who! Then a guitar riff that can only be described as that sort of Eastern experimental sound that late Barret-era Pink Floyd had, but then the drums kick in and it brings its punky edge into it. The vocals are just as interesting as the music with the singer warbling on about shit and piss and obviously taking the piss out of their earlier punk peers, what a tune!

Third track is a heartfelt psych-acoustic ballad about an endless dreamy journey, this defines a Syd Barret influence which shines through, mid-sixties Revolver or Rubber Soul Beatles tracks could be linked to the feel of the song.

The unnamed track four is kind of disappointing and kind of loses the psychedelic energy of the previous tracks. Track Five seems to me like an alternative version of Stupid Band with odd subtle differences throughout.

Well for a rare occasion I have really enjoyed listening to this CD and I think I am going to listen to it again. Good work Neils Children.



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