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What The Hell Is This? by Serious Aeolian Belfry

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Reviewed on 1st March 2002.


What The Hell Is This?

By Serious Aeolian Belfry

Psychedelia mocks disco ... musical perfectionist stomps all over the opposition ... satirist derides weenus worship ... avant-garde composer risks misunderstanding by exploring the psychological origins of illegal sexual practices ... a dozen pop genres effortlessly trashed ...dada returns to our sound systems.

Sound familiar? Closet Frank Zappa / Viv Stanshall fans worldwide will be comparing notes as they work their way through the twenty tracks (count them) on a terrific piece of nonsense called "What The Hell Is This?" by the spuriously named and ridiculously ambitious Serious Aeolian Belfry. Cleveland Ohio (nowhere near Leeds) sometimes gets mail addressed to Cleveland, UK (something to do with Middlesbrough). It also gave birth to the Serious Aeolian Belfry who mutate regularly, take many pills, practice like crazy and play in dubious venues like the Peabody Club. They got comic book reject artists to design their CD cover and some South Park outtake scripts for filler tracks and hey, it's "What The Hell Is This?"

It is great in small doses. It is utterly stoopid. The Frank Zappa memorial vocals do wear thin after a track or ten. Only in America would such musical competence splurge itself so relentlessly on such tacky pastiche material. It's National Lampoon time. "I wanna take you higher" (get it?)

Check out my obelisk, indeed. Silly boy.



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