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Loaded Gun by The Dead 60s

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Reviewed on 13th June 2005.


Loaded Gun

By The Dead 60s

Oh dear. The general consensus in the mainstream music press is that this group of chancers are trying to start a ska revival. Now given that in recent years ska seems to have become less about disenfranchised British teenagers railing against the system and more about over-enfranchised SoCal thirtysomethings trying to flush the cistern, rediscovering the spirit of Jerry Dammers, Terry Hall et al must surely be lauded as a good thing, right?

Sadly, it's my duty to report to you that not for the first time, the mainstream music press have got it all wrong. "Loaded Gun" is terrible terrible fourth division Britpop by numbers which brings back a million bad memories of the movement's dying throes circa 1997-98 when the likes of the Candyskins and Ruth were inexplicably getting record deals by sounding like very poor imitations of "The Great Escape" era Blur. Jeez, you can almost hear the ghost of the Tuesday night crowd at the Duchess singing "Aaaaaare you Speedy in disguise?"

Interestingly though, flip the beast on its back and you get a dubbed-up cover of the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" which is innovative enough to maintain your interest while keeping the spirit of the original intact and would actually have made a much better single in its own right. Hey ho, funny old world eh?



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On 14th June 2005 at 10:30 Anonymous 3566 wrote...

The dead 60's really are quite pikey and naff arn't they?



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