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Without Me by British Beef

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Reviewed on 16th June 2005.


Without Me

By British Beef

Only a band that plays this level of bland emo punk would think it was cool to be described in their biog as "Blink 182 with Slash on guitar". It's amusing to imagine the look on the faces of fans waiting to see such bands as Babyshambles when these production line punks wander on in support with their immaculate fret wanking drivel. Still name drop all you like British Beef it won't change the perception of this "heard it 1,000,000 times before" song. There's even a middle eight slow section that sounds like Nickleback... aarrgghhh! Only a band this dumb would think a song title like "No I Don't Want Another Joint" is clever and no doubt part of their "rebellious sounds" ... there's more rebellious things printed on the back of a bus ticket. Black hood on, jeans chained, 2 litres of Strongbow drank then just maybe this would pass for a good time, otherwise entirely pointless.



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